Alternative bouquets, made without using palm’s leaves

“Domingo de Ramos” also known as Palm Sunday is celebrated on sunday 13th, this holiday is marked by the previous sunday that is the first full moon after the spring’s equinox. This is a day where christians remember a triumph, the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem with the recognition of a king. On this day,…


“Día del Fuego Nuevo” gave life to the Fanesca

The word “fanesca” was recognized as an ecuadorian slang by the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language in 2001. When the Carnival holidays ends, some people say with enthusiasm,  “Only 40 days left for Fanesca”. This delicious soup based on tender grains and dried fish is prepared in Ecuador during Holy Week, is part of…


A journey of tradition, the seven monuments.

At Easter time, the Catholic world meets certain traditional rituals that express devotion and respect to the commemoration of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. Among them, the visit to the seven monuments (or seven churches) on Holy Thursday. This tradition was born in Rome by 1559, when San Felipe Neri organized regular visits…


Easter, faith and traditions Quito.

This year we celebrate 36 years of the declaration of Quito as First Cultural Heritage. The Easter season is the main expression of tangible and intangible heritage of this ancient city and is expressed with particular intensity demonstrating that this designation is not only for the conservation of the heritage but the identity of this…


Music Festival XIII International Festival of Sacred Music in Quito

From: April 6th to April 17th Admission: Free until fill capacity With the arrival of Easter it also comes a new edition of the International Festival of Sacred Music of Quito (FIMUSAQ). From april 6th to 17th concerts and master classes will be held in the churches, plazas of our Historical Center and in the…


The route of the shrines of Quito.

Calvary or Golgotha ​​is the name of the hill outside Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified. This scene has been captured in sculptures and paintings from different periods and latitudes. Quito is not an exception, several churches in the historic center hoard beautiful works of art symbolizing the agony of Jesus Christ. We invite you to…